Classified Position Descriptions and Their Interpretation

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-9991

Classified Position Descriptions and Their Interpretation

University of Texas SealEffective December 01, 1989
Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial OfficerPolicy Owner: Assoc. Vice President for Human Resources
I. Policy Statement 

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin (“University”) to maintain current, written job descriptions for all positions in the classification plan.

II. Reason for Policy 

To provide the roles and responsibilities for maintaining accurate job descriptions associated with each class in the University’s classification plan.

III. Scope & Audience 

This policy applies to all University employees in classified positions.

IV. Definitions (specific to this policy) 
V. Website (for policy)
VI. Contacts 
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VII. Responsibilities & Procedures 

The Associate Vice President for Human Resource Services, shall provide current, accurate, written descriptions for each class in the classification plan. Each of the class descriptions shall include a class title, a description of the duties and responsibilities of the work, and a statement of the minimum qualifications a person should possess to enable him to successfully perform the duties of the position.

The descriptions of the classes of positions in the classification plan, and their various parts have the following force and effect.  The descriptions are descriptive and not restrictive. They are intended to indicate the kinds of positions allocated to the established classes, as determined by their duties and responsibilities, and shall not be construed as declaring to any extent, or in any way, what the duties or responsibilities of any positions shall be, or as limiting or in any way modifying the power of any appointing authority to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under his supervision.  The use of a particular expression or illustration shall not be held to exclude others not mentioned that are of similar kind or quality.

In determining the class to which any position should be allocated, the definition of each class shall be considered as a whole. Consideration shall be given to the duties, specific tasks, responsibilities, qualification requirements, and relationships to other classes. Together they afford a statement of the jobs that the class is intended to include.

VIII. Forms & Tools 
XI. History 

Last review date: December 1, 1989
(Minor editorial change approved October 18, 2012)
Previously: HOP 9.14