Colleges, Schools and Departments

Handbook of Operating Procedures 2-1020

Colleges, Schools and Departments

The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Executive Vice President and Provost
July 29, 2016


The University of Texas Board of Regents' Rule 40101 - "Faculty Role in Educational Policy Formation," states that "the faculties of the institutions regularly offering instruction shall have a major role in the governance of their respective institutions in the following areas:

  • General academic policies and welfare.
  • Student life and activities.
  • Requirements of admission and graduation.
  • Honors and scholastic performance.
  • Approval of candidates for degrees.
  • Faculty rules of procedure."

With respect to these issues, voting members shall include:


  1. Colleges and Schools.
  1. The voting members of the college or school faculty are the same as for the General Faculty (see HOP 2-1010) unless the college or school elects its own criteria for voting rights to allow for exceptions.

  1. Dual titles such as Professor of Human Ecology and Education indicate voting membership in both units provided the faculty member holds a joint appointment in each unit.

  1. Standing committees of the colleges and schools shall be appointed by the respective deans, either annually or biennially.

  1. Other Appointing Units, including Departments.
  1. A faculty member shall have voting status in an appointing unit if:
  1. He or she holds a full-time appointment in that department with the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor (after four consecutive semesters of service). The assignment of a faculty member to an administrative or research post, or if on released time for research, career development, endowed chair, or such other activities as may be approved by the president shall not jeopardize the voting status of the individual under this provision. Or

  2. He or she holds joint appointments in two or more units - the sum of which corresponds to a full-time appointment in the University.
  1. In principle, a lecturer or clinical faculty member who meets the criteria identified in Sec. B.1.b. of HOP 2-1010 should have voting rights at least in the areas listed above under HOP 2-1020.