Policy Disposition Table

The university has recently reorganized the policy index in its Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP). This disposition table correlates the previous policy number to the current policy number. Most columns permit sorting. (Note: Old policy index numbers are not searchable on this site.)
Previous HOP Numbersort descending Current HOP Number Title Name
9-1720 Student Participation in Selection and Monitoring of Food Service Contractors Student Life - General
2-2170 Faculty Workload and Reporting Requirements Academic / Faculty - Employment
3-1610 University Identification Card Administration - General
2-9990 Selection, Use, Notification, and Sale of Instructional Materials Academic / Faculty - General
7-1410 Export Controls Research
Redirect to Information Technology Policies (not in HOP) Information Technology
5-2011 Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Activities Human Resources - Employment
3-1710 Youth Protection Program Administration - General
2-2320 Faculty Discipline Academic / Faculty - Employment
9-1610 Student Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Student Life - General
3-1050 Honorific and Gift-Related Namings Administration - General
3-3031 Prohibition of Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, and Sex Discrimination Administration - Institutional Equity
2-2151 Annual Evaluation of Faculty Academic / Faculty - Employment
3-3012 Religious Accommodation for Applicants and Employees Administration - Institutional Equity
8-1070 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Risk / Security / EH&S
4-1260 Use of Thompson Conference Center and Lyndon Baines Johnson Auditorium Facilities
7-1510 Controlled Substances in Research Research
3-1910 Availability of Electronic Health Information & Prohibition Against Information Blocking Administration - General
5-3020 Classified Pay Plan Human Resources - Benefits/Compensation
5-3140 Compensation Administration Human Resources - Benefits/Compensation
1.1 2-1010 General Faculty Membership Academic / Faculty - Governance
1.101 2-1030-PM By-Laws of the General Faculty Academic / Faculty - Governance
1.3 2-1110 Faculty Council Academic / Faculty - Governance
1.301 2-1120-PM By-Laws of the Faculty Council Academic / Faculty - Governance
1.4 2-1040 Standing Committees of the General Faculty Academic / Faculty - Governance