Policy Disposition Table

The university has recently reorganized the policy index in its Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP). This disposition table correlates the previous policy number to the current policy number. Most columns permit sorting. (Note: Old policy index numbers are not searchable on this site.)
Previous HOP Numbersort descending Current HOP Number Title Name
6.107 4-1270-PM Use of Student Health Center and Campus Recreational Facilities by Members of Workshops, Seminars, Institutes and Other Short-Term Activities Facilities
6.108 4-9999-PM Workshops, Conferences, Symposia and Similar Activities Facilities
6.109 4-1230-PM Use of Conference Facilities at Balcones Research Center Commons Buildings Facilities
6.11 4-1250 Use of the Performing Arts Center Facilities
6.201 4-1020-PM Keys to University Facilities Facilities
6.320 3-2020-PM University Funds Administration - Finance
6.43 3-1040 Policy on Contracting with Minority and Female-Owned Small Business Firms Administration - General
6.501 3-1110-PM Use of University's Name in Advertising Purposes Administration - General
6.503 3-1120-PM Use of University's Name in Organizations and Other Titles Administration - General
7-1050 7-1050 Classified Research Policy Research
7.03 5-2250 Dual Employment and Payment of Consulting and Similar Fees to State Employees Human Resources - Employment
7.08 5-9995 Personnel Records Human Resources - General
7.101 5-1030-PM Recruiting Procedures for Non-Teaching Personnel Human Resources - Recruitment and Appointment
7.102 5-1020-PM Promotion and Recruiting Procedures for Administrative and Professional Personnel (Codes 1000 and 0080) Human Resources - Recruitment and Appointment
7.104 5-1110-PM Verification of Identity and United States Employment Authorization for all Employees Human Resources - Recruitment and Appointment
7.210 5-9987-PM Exemption of Certain Noncitizen Employees from Paying U.S. Income Taxes and Social Security Taxes Human Resources - Employment
7.23 7-1020 Research Titles Research
7.26 3-1310 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Administration - General
7.27 4-9994 Policies Regarding Courtesy Cars - Intercollegiate Athletics for Men and Women Facilities
7.28 3-1210 Travel Requests Administration - General
7.401 3-1220-PM State Liability Coverage for University Employees Administration - General
7.A.1 5-3210 COBRA: Health Insurance Continuation Coverage After Eligibility Loss Human Resources - Benefits/Compensation
7.B.1 5-3130 Longevity Pay Human Resources - Benefits/Compensation
7.C.1 5-2430 Grievance Policy Human Resources - Employment
7.D.1 5-5010 Employee Length of Service Recognition Human Resources - General