Facility and Room Assignments; Numbering of Rooms

Handbook of Operating Procedures 4-1010

Facility and Room Assignments; Numbering of Rooms

The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Policy Owner:  Sr. Assoc. VP for Campus Planning & Facilities Management

September 1, 1986 (revised)



Space Assignments


Assignment to deans and other administrative officials of space in University buildings for use by administrative units and personnel under their direction will be made through the Office of the President and recorded in the Office of Institutional Studies, which maintains a perpetual inventory of all University buildings and other space. All assignments of space are made on the basis of institutional needs and priorities as determined by the Office of the President, and all space is subject to reassignment based on those institutional needs.


Further assignments and reassignments of space to academic departments or other administrative units by deans and other administrative officials will be reported by the dean or administrative official to the Office of Institutional Studies for recording. The chairmen of academic departments and the directors of other administrative units are responsible for the assignment of space allocated by the dean or other administrative official to their respective academic departments or other administrative units. Assignments of space for the use of individual faculty and other employees shall be made based upon departmental needs and priorities as they relate to the benefit and needs of the University. Such space assignments are subject to reassignment at any time based upon the needs and priorities determined by the chairman or director. The chairman or director may consider the advice of a space committee, budget council, or other recommending body regarding the allocation/reallocation of space, with the final decision resting with the chairman or director.


Numbering of Rooms


Selection of identification numbers for rooms and spaces in all buildings is made by the Physical Plant Department in consultation with the head of the organization for which the space is being made available. Changes may be made only with the approval of the Vice President for Business Affairs.


Previously HOP 6.01