Food Truck Vending

Handbook of Operating Procedures 9-1710

Food Truck Vending

University of Texas SealEffective September 16, 2016
Executive Sponsor: Vice President for Student AffairsPolicy Owner: Executive Director, University Unions
I. Policy Statement 

The University of Texas at Austin ("University") permits mobile food trucks (Food Trucks) to be operated on property owned or controlled by the University provided prior approval has been granted by University Unions and provided such approved Food Trucks operate in accordance with this policy.

II. Reason for Policy 

This policy sets forth the rules and regulations for the orderly location and operation of Food Trucks as well as assures that safety issues and operational risks such as food borne illnesses, explosions, fires, property damage, and environmental concerns have been addressed by potential Food Truck operators.

III. Scope & Audience 

This policy applies to all employees, students, and Food Truck owners/operators wishing to operate a Food Truck on University property.


This policy applies to Food Trucks that are temporary and/or whose location is approved by the University as a recurring Food Truck location. 


Food Trucks that are excluded under this policy include:  

  • a caterer’s truck that supplies prepared food ordered by and paid for by the University under a food caterer service contract with the University.   
  • a Food Truck at an athletic event operating as an approved subcontractor by Intercollegiate Athletics as one of its prime food service contractors. 
  • a food delivery truck whose sole purpose on campus is to deliver a food order prepared and packaged offsite by a restaurant or food kitchen. The order may be to an individual customer at his or her dorm room or office.
  • stationary food carts and kiosks operating at designated campus locations under a food cart service contract with the University. 
  • table food distribution at locations and times approved by the Office of the Dean of Students by a sponsored or registered student organization with a current food distribution permit from EHS.
  • mobile food facilities located inside construction sites on a temporary basis with permission from UT System’s Office of Facilities Planning and Construction and the construction site general contractor.
IV. Definitions (specific to this policy) 
Food Truck Permit:

An inspection approval document issued by Environmental Health and Safety ("EHS") to assure compliance with local and state health and sanitation regulations and guidelines with regard to food handling.

V. Website (for policy)
VI. Contacts 
Contact Details Web
University UnionsPhone:512-475-6600Website:
VII. Responsibilities & Procedures 
  1. Food Truck operation is subject to advance approval by University Unions. This approval requires review and approval by representatives of Parking and Transportation ("PTS"), Environmental Health & Safety ("EHS"), Campus Planning and Project Management ("CPPM"), Utilities, Energy and Facilities Maintenance ("UEFM"), and The University of Texas Police ("UTPD"). A Food Truck Vendor Contract must be fully executed in advance of the Food Truck's operation and a Food Truck Permit must be obtained.
  1. Food Trucks may locate and operate only in locations established and approved by the University. Site approval is a requirement for set up and operation.  Sites approved by the University may be found in the Mobile Food Truck Vending Rules and Procedures (Rules and Procedures).
  1. Food Trucks must meet University safety, operational and environmental guidelines found in the Rules and Procedures and are subject to inspection for food and fire safety prior to and during campus operations. 
  1. Operator Eligibility Approval and Contract Required: The presence of a Food Truck operator on campus requires prior eligibility approval, EHS inspection approval, and a fully executed contract.
  1. Recurring Vending Location. The University may allow a Food Truck to operate at a recurring vending location.  Approval procedures may be found at in the Rules and Procedures.
  1. Temporary Special Event Vending Locations.  The University may permit a Food Truck to operate at a designated site on a temporary single-day basis in connection with a special event. The Food Truck vendor must be selected from a food vendor list prequalified by the University.  A list of approved Food Truck vendors and procedures may be found in the Rules and Procedures.  A request for such operation must be submitted at least twenty days in advance of the event following the procedures outlined in the Rules and Procedures.
  1. General Provisions of Approved Food Truck Use:
  1. Food Truck operators are encouraged to provide only recyclable or compostable plate and flatware. 
  2. Food Trucks must be removed from campus daily for service after use.
  3. Food Trucks may be inspected by EHS at any time.
  4. Food Trucks must display a current University-issued Food Truck Permit at all times while on University property.
XI. History 
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