General Provisions

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-9996

General Provisions

The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
December 1, 1989



A classification plan shall be maintained by Human Resources for the classified service to accurately reflect the current duties, responsibilities, and work requirements of all positions. The classification plan shall group positions into the same class which involve substantially the same kind of work, substantially equivalent difficulty and responsibility, and comparable experience and training requirements.


The classification plan shall consist of:


  1. A schedule of classes appropriately descriptive of the nature of work of the grouped positions.
  1. Descriptions of the nature and requirements of work in the established classes.
  1. A uniform use of the job grading and guideline procedure methods of job evaluation.

Amendment of Plan


The Associate Vice President for Human Resources, shall recommend to the President amendments to the classification plan on an annual basis as changes in organization and assignments of work require.


Allocation of Positions


The Associate Vice President for Human Resources, shall allocate each position in the classified service to the appropriate class in the classification plan.


Previously HOP 9.13