Promotion/Transfer Policy For Regular Classified Employees

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-2330

Promotion/Transfer Policy For Regular Classified Employees

The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
June 1, 1980



The purpose of the Promotion/Transfer Policy is to provide greater opportunities for promotion from within and to improve the upward mobility potential for qualified U.T. staff. The policy is designed to provide equal employment opportunity to all employees and job applicants. The following procedures which provide for the filling of regular classified position openings, have been developed to encourage and support career advancement of University employees, provide effective placement of job applicants, and assure compliance with The University's Affirmative Action Program. The primary objective is the selection of the best qualified applicant for each position opening. Selection shall be based upon job-related factors which shall include, but are not limited to, relevant work experience and performance history, applicable education and/or training, and required skills, knowledge and abilities.


Departments may choose initially any of the following three procedures to fill a position vacancy:


  1. Procedure for Internal Promotion Within a Department
  1. The department shall review all current employees to determine those who are qualified for promotion. To be considered for promotion, an employee must meet the official U.T. Austin Job Description requirements for the specific job classification. The best qualified shall be selected for promotion.
  1. Prior to making an offer of promotion to an employee, the department must contact a Human Resources and Employment Counselor in Human Resources ("HR") to verify that the nominee meets the qualifications for the classification.
  1. Procedure for University-Wide Promotion Program
  1. University-Wide Recruiting may be utilized to consider current U.T. Austin employees from other departments. The department may do this by posting with HR for a minimum of five work days by use of the Personnel Requisition Form (PO-3). A request to use University-Wide Recruiting should be noted specifically on the PO-3 Form which is sent to HR.
  1. Current U.T. Austin classified regular staff members who have been employed in their current position for the last six continuous months are eligible to apply through HR for position openings being recruited for through University-Wide or Open Recruiting. Employees may apply for promotional opportunity or lateral transfers.
  1. Procedure for Open Recruiting
  1. Open Recruiting provides for public posting of position openings. This procedure permits consideration of both eligible University employees and qualified outside applicants.
  1. To initiate Open Recruiting, the department should submit a Personnel Requisition Form (PO-3) and request that Open Recruiting begin. An Open Recruiting period of five work days is required.
  1. General Procedural Requirements
  1. If more than one qualified employee/applicant is considered, the best qualified shall be selected for promotion or hire and the Recruiting Summary for Classified Position Openings (PO-12) shall be completed and forwarded to HR within five work days of the promotion or hiring decision. The form shall indicate specific job-related reasons for both hire and non-hire of all candidates considered. A copy of the completed PO-12 Form shall be retained in departmental files for a minimum of three years.
  1. Only one Personnel Requisition Form (PO-3) will be required for a position vacancy. If a PO-3 Form has been filed for University-Wide Recruiting, the department may initiate Open Recruiting using the original PO-3 filed with HR by notifying a Human Resources and Employment Counselor by telephone or memorandum.
  1. A staff member may apply for promotion/transfer to a specific vacancy without prior notification of or approval from his or her supervisor.



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Previously HOP 9.46