Publication of Symposia

Handbook of Operating Procedures 3-1140

Publication of Symposia

The University of Texas at Austin

Policy Owner: Executive Vice President and Provost

Executive Sponsor: Executive Vice President and Provost



Conductors of symposia should not make commitments for their publication without first discussing the matter with the Director of The University of Texas Press. This discussion should include editorial, permission, and financial problems in addition to the physical preparation of the manuscript. When the papers which comprise a symposium are in hand, the manuscript should be submitted to the Press for evaluation and consideration by its Faculty Advisory Committee. No approval for publication will be granted until the manuscript is in hand and has been evaluated.


When the Press agrees to publish a symposium, it will reserve the right to return for revision individual papers which are deemed substandard and to exclude from the book those which cannot be gotten into creditable condition.


It should be borne in mind that the majority of symposia are published at a loss and that the availability of funds to support publication should be determined in advance of commitments to publish.


The Press will not be able to publish some otherwise acceptable symposia because of difficulties in financing and scheduling. Nothing in this set of principles should preclude the publication of University-sponsored symposia by agencies other than The University of Texas Press. In general, however, the Press should have the first opportunity to consider such manuscripts for publication. It is believed that a preliminary conference with the Director of the Press will enable the entrepreneurs of symposia to foresee some of the major problems involved and take steps to overcome these difficulties.


Previously HOP 5.02