Recruiting Procedures for Non-Teaching Personnel

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-1030-PM

Recruiting Procedures for Non-Teaching Personnel


The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
March 1, 1989



The University has two agencies available to assist the various university offices, shops, and laboratories in filling vacancies: the Office of Human Resources ("HR"), which handles Classified positions and Administrative and Professional positions (Codes 1000 and 0080), and the Office of Student Financial Services, which has a file of students who are looking for part-time employment.


Under Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents, Rule 40304, and also as an Equal Opportunity Employer under federal regulations. The University is committed to an employment policy of nondiscrimination.


Other than for internal promotions, Form PO-3 (Personnel Requisition Form) must be used to initiate recruitment through HRS for all regular non-teaching positions, i.e. positions that are one-half time or more, for four and one-half months or longer (including hourly). Required qualifications should be given in sufficient detail to ensure the referral of only those applicants who qualify for the job.


The only exceptions to this procedure are for (1) appointments of less than four and one-half months, (2) appointments for less than one-half time, (3) appointments to temporary code 1000 research titles, (4) appointments to classified positions that are designated for students only, and (5) appointments resulting from nominations by a selection committee established by the president.


Recruiting procedures for Administrative and Professional positions are described in HOP 5-1020-PM. Procedures for Classified positions are described in HOP 5-2330 and a series of sections beginning with HOP 5-1210.


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