Security Alarm Systems

Handbook of Operating Procedures 8-1110

Security Alarm Systems

University of Texas SealEffective January 27, 2016
Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial OfficerPolicy Owner: Associate Vice President - Campus Safety and Security
I. Policy Statement 

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin (“University”) to manage all access control, electronic security, intrusion and alarms systems (collectively referred to as “Security Alarm Systems”) to enhance the safety and security of University sites while maintaining compliance with all applicable laws and policies.

II. Reason for Policy 

To define authority for the development of responsibilities, policies, and procedures for deployment and operations of the University’s Security Alarm Systems.

III. Scope & Audience 

This policy applies to all employees, students, official visitors, affiliates, and contractors with respect to use, installation, and operation of access control, electronic security, intrusion and alarms systems (“Security Alarm Systems”) at The University of Texas at Austin, including the main campus, J. J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC) and other university owned sites as appropriate.


This policy applies to

  • all Security Alarm Systems;
  • new spaces; and
  • existing spaces if the usage of the space has changed, the space is being renovated, Security Alarm Systems are being modified, or as directed by the Information Security Office or Internal Audit.

This policy does not apply to these exclusions

  • fire protection and alarm systems;
  • university-owned vehicle alarms;
  • building automation systems such as temperature controls; and
  • parking or traffic control systems.
IV. Definitions (specific to this policy) 
V. Website (for policy)
VI. Contacts 
Contact Details Web
University of Texas Police Department - Crime Prevention
ITS Security Operations
VII. Responsibilities & Procedures 
  1. Building Access Control and Security Committee (BACS-C)

The Campus Safety and Security Committee and the Strategic IT Accountability Board (“SITAB”) delegates authority to the BACS-C to establish procedures, services, operations manuals, standards, fees, and funding for the proper management of Security Alarm Systems at the University.


  1. The Building Access Control and Security Operations Manual (“Manual") (restricted access)

The Manual defines governance, roles, responsibilities, funding, minimum standards, and requirements for all University Security Alarm Systems.

VIII. Forms & Tools 
XI. History 

Last Review Date: January 2016
Next scheduled review date: January 2018