Use of Conference Facilities at Balcones Research Center Commons Buildings

Handbook of Operating Procedures 4-1230-PM

Use of Conference Facilities at Balcones Research Center Commons Buildings


The University of Texas at Austin

Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

December 6, 1985



The conference facilities at the Balcones Research Center (BRC) Commons Building are designated primarily for use by University units located at BRC. However, subject to availability, these facilities may be used by all University units. The use of this facility is governed by the Regents' Rules and Regulations, Rule 80101, Rule 80104, Rule 80106, and the policies of The University of Texas at Austin as contained in other sections of Chapter 6.000 of this Policy Memoranda, and in HOP 4-1140 of the Handbook of Operating Procedures.


No conference room fees are charged for use by BRC units. Fees assessed for other campus units and for joint-sponsored groups. Additional audio/visual service charges may be necessary if a technician is required to set up and operate the equipment, and custodial charges if special janitor services are needed. The Commons Cafeteria provides food services during normal business hours and will cater for evening and weekend events.


The following procedures must be followed in arranging for use of the BRC Commons Conference facilities:


  1. Contact the manager's office, BRC Commons Building, for a Request for Facilities and Services form.
  1. Complete the form specifying:
  1. name of University unit and the joint-sponsored group if applicable;
  1. educational purpose of the meeting;
  1. number of participants;
  1. preferred meeting dates and times;
  1. meeting room requested; and
  1. services needed.
  1. The manager will review requests from BRC units for final approval. Requests from units other than those at BRC will be reviewed for tentative approval and returned to the unit.
  1. Further approval of the request from units other than those located at BRC must be obtained from the academic Dean who has jurisdiction over the applicant's academic unit, or the appropriate Vice President in the case of administrative units, or the President.
  1. When the manager has all the approvals necessary on the request, the spaces requested will be reserved and assistance provided for food service, audio/visual equipment, janitor services, or other needs required from the Commons building.


Previously PM 6.109