Use of University Physical Facilities, Equipment, or Other Resources by Faculty and Staff

Handbook of Operating Procedures 4-1120-PM

Use of University Physical Facilities, Equipment, or Other Resources by Faculty and Staff


The University of Texas at Austin
April 1, 1991





Section I. Chapter VII, Part Two, Regents' Rules and Regulations, provides:


Except as otherwise specifically authorized, property of the System shall be used only for official business. Only library books and other items of similar nature of well-established use may be used for the personal benefit or pleasure of the employees. The chief administrative officer of each component institution shall designate a property manager.


Article 601b, Texas Revised Civil Statutes, Section 8.03(d), and section 92 of Article V, General Appropriations Act, provide:


No person shall entrust state property to any state official or employee or to anyone else to be used for other than state purposes.


Section 8(e), Article III, General Appropriations Act, provides:


None of the funds appropriated in this Article shall be expanded for payment of salary to any person who directly receives funding from a grant or consulting contract not subject to administration by a state-supported institution of higher education and who may use the resources of the institution in carrying out the provisions of the grant or consulting contract.


All faculty and staff must conscientiously observe these regulations. University resources (facilities, equipment, other property, and personnel) shall not be used for personal gain or for other than official University business. The Property Manager at The University of Texas at Austin is the Associate Vice President and Business Manager. Questions regarding these regulations may be directed to that office.


For information and guidance, some examples of unauthorized and improper use of University personnel and property are:


  1. Use of University property for the benefit of a business or company in which the employee has a financial or participating interest;
  1. Use of a University office or equipment to make items for sale, or to perform non-University work for a private concern or for compensation;
  1. Use of any University personnel, supplies, or materials for other than official University business.

Off-campus Use of University Owned Equipment


University equipment may be removed from The University only if such equipment is necessary to carry on the official business of The University. In all instances in which equipment is removed, the individual removing it must assume pecuniary responsibility unless he or she is otherwise specifically relieved of such responsibility.


Personal Computers


With the approval of the departmental chairman or director, personal computers may be checked out by University Employees and removed from the campus for University business. Department logs must be maintained on all personal computers checked out. A log should include the name of the employee to have custody of the equipment, description of the equipment, the inventory number(s), date checked out, date to be returned, the signature of the departmental chairman or director, and the signature of the employee who checks out the equipment. Copies of the logs must be maintained in the department office and be made available for inspection by representatives of the Inventory Division, Office of Business Manager, and the Office of Internal Audits. Employees who sign the check out log acknowledge and agree to comply with the provisions of this policy.


Other Equipment


Items of equipment other than personal computers may be removed from the campus for University Business with the approval of the departmental chairman or director. A Removal of Equipment From University Campus form (see attachment) must be completed prior to removal. (Forms are available through University Supply and Mail Service.) For the period the equipment will be used off-campus, the department must authorize and pay for the purchase of insurance on any equipment with value greater than $500.


Use of University Owned Vehicles

All University-owned vehicles operated by employees must be used for the sole purpose of conducting University business.


An employee operating a University-owned vehicle outside Texas but within the United States must have a letter of approval from the departmental chairman or director. This letter should state the destination, inclusive dates, purpose of the trip, name of the individual driving the vehicle, and a description of the vehicle being used, including license number and motor number. The letter should be in possession of the operator of the vehicles throughout the trip.


An employee desiring the use of University-owned vehicles outside the United States must make their request through the departmental chairman or director and must have the approval of the Property Manager. A notarized letter from the Property Manager and title to the vehicle must be kept in the vehicle throughout the trip, and must be presented to authorized officials upon request. The Property Manager should be contacted when there is question about the use of University-owned vehicles.



Previously PM 6.101