Workshops, Conferences, Symposia and Similar Activities

Handbook of Operating Procedures 4-9999-PM

Workshops, Conferences, Symposia and Similar Activities


The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Executive Vice President and Provost
September 16, 1977



Any administrative unit planning to sponsor or cosponsor a workshop, institute, conference, symposium, or similar activity must obtain prior institutional approval. Particular attention should be given to the provisions of HOPs 4-1130-PM, 4-1270-PM and 3-1120-PM.


Activities which are solely intended for the University students or employees must be approved by the dean of the college or the corresponding administrative officer of the unit. Activities requiring the use of funds which are not under the direct authority of the sponsoring administrative unit must have prior approval by the Vice President for Business Affairs. Institutional approval can be given by the appropriate dean or vice president with the exception noted above.


If academic credit is to be given for participation in an activity, it must be approved by the Graduate School in the case of graduate credit or by the Vice President and Provost in the case of undergraduate credit. Individuals who participate in an activity for UT Austin academic credit may not be charged both tuition and special activity or workshop fees.


A description of any planned activity must be submitted through normal reporting channels and must include the following information:


  1. Name of sponsoring department or administrative unit.
  1. Name of person(s) in charge of the activity.
  1. Name of activity, description of its purpose, and general planning information.
  1. University facilities and/or other facilities which will be used. (Use of the Thompson Conference Center, the L.B.J. Auditorium and other auditoriums require special arrangement and approval. All requests for use of facilities must be approved in advance.)
  1. A proposed budget, including description of funding source(s) and other relevant fiscal information.

No commitments for such activities may be made prior to obtaining required institutional approval.



Previously PM 6.108