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Revision to HOP 4-1290 Art in Public Spaces


Art in public spaces controlled by The University of Texas at Austin ("University") should serve to educate and enrich the lives of students, faculty, staff, alumni, the local community, and visitors.


Policy revisions focus on addressing the reorganization of executive leadership, language updates, and making the policy consistent with working processes and practices.

Revision to HOP 3-3010 Disability Accommodation for Applicants and Employees


It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin (“University”) to provide equal access and opportunity to University employees and job applicants with disabilities in compliance with federal law, including the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act, as amended (ADA). The University prohibits discrimination based on disability in both the application process and during the employment relationship.


Policy revisions have been made to this policy to better reflect the processes that are currently in place at the University with respect to providing accommodations for applicants and employees.

Revisions: HOP 4-1253 Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - Special Use Facility


The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center (“Wildflower Center”) at The University of Texas at Austin (“University”) is designated as a special use facility as authorized by the president of the University and pursuant to The University of Texas System (“UT System”) Board of Regents' Rule 80106.


Policy revisions have been adopted for this policy to align with updates to Regents Rule 80106. The revised policy language became effective on July 25, 2018.

Revisions: HOP 2-2430 Emeritus Titles


The University of Texas at Austin (“University”) recognizes faculty members’ distinguished service and distinction at the University by conferring emeritus titles effective upon retirement. These honorary titles are given in accordance with the University of Texas System’s Board of Regents Rules and Regulations, Rule 31001, and as outlined in this policy. The conferring of these titles is not automatic upon retirement.


Policy revisions have been adopted  to add language to the policy to comply with Regents' Rule 31001 to provide the framework for conferring emeritus titles to faculty and other administrative officials.


Retired Policy, HOP 9-1340-PM - "Student Policy on Race Relations"


The new policy, HOP 9-1810 "Hate and Bias Incidents" covers race relations, therefore, this policy is no longer required.

New Policy HOP 3-1610, "University Identification Card"


To affirm the University’s ID card as the official visual and electronic identification for employees, students, University affiliates, and other individuals required to validate their identity and relationship with the University as well as to provide clarity on how the ID card is issued, replaced, used, and managed.

New Policy: HOP 8-1080, "Building and Facility Access"


With few exceptions such as museums, libraries and during certain events, University owned buildings and facilities are not considered open to the public. Access to University buildings and facilities is therefore generally restricted to employees (including faculty), students, University affiliates ("affiliates") and invited guests.

New Policy: HOP 9-1810, "Hate and Bias Incidents"


The University of Texas at Austin ("University") unequivocally condemns and prohibits: acts of intolerance, hate, bias, and prejudice when manifested in threatened or actual violent conduct against a person; harassment; and incitement to imminent violations of law. In accordance with federal law and state law, the University prohibits unlawful harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity or gender expression, age, disability, citizenship, veteran status, sexual orientation, ideology, political views, or political affiliation.

Disposition of HOP Policies


Retired/Removed or merged HOP Policies are listed here.

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