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Retired Policy: HOP 4-9994 Policies Regarding Courtesy Cars – Intercollegiate Athletics for Men and Women


This policy is specific to Intercollegiate Athletics (IA) and does not belong as a University governing policy. IA has established an internal policy, DEV -4021 Donor Car Program which provides the administrative framework for management of the Donor Car Program. Previously referred to as the “Courtesy Car Program”.

COVID-19 Updates and Resources


To reduce the public spread of COVID-19, University Policy Office is currently operating remotely.

Please visit UT's COVID-19 Updates website for the latest information on campus operations, social distancing and preventative measures.

Revisions to: HOP 3-3011 Animals on Campus


The purpose of this revision is to update the obsolete language so it is in compliance with federal and state laws. This was a substantial revision and the policy was essentially re-written.

Policy Update List


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Disposition of HOP Policies


Retired/Removed or merged HOP Policies are listed here.

Revisions to: HOP 5-4130 Emergency Leave


The purpose of this revision is to update reporting requirements for Emergency Leave in accordance with SP 73 passed in the 85th Legislative Session in 2017. In addition, UT System added Peace Officer Injury Leave as a sub-category of Emergency Leave in 2014.

Interim Policy: HOP 3-3031 Prohibition of Sexual Assault, Interpersonal Violence, Stalking, Sexual Harassment, and Sex Discrimination


This policy prohibits sexual assault, interpersonal violence (including domestic and dating violence), stalking, and sexual harassment (including harassment on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or pregnancy status). In addition, this policy also prohibits sex discrimination and sexual exploitation. It further prohibits faculty, staff, other university employees, and university affiliates from engaging in conduct of a sexual nature that is unprofessional or inappropriate for the educational or working environment.

Retired Policy: HOP 3-1140 Publication of Symposia


This undated policy has been retired as it is no longer relevant and does not reflect current University practice. UT Press no longer publishes symposia.

10 HR Policies Retired


The recent addition of new policies HOP 5-3020 Classified Pay Plan and HOP 5-3140 Compensation Administration have rendered the below policies obsolete, and have therefore been retired. 

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