New Policy HOP 3-1610, "University Identification Card"

New Policy HOP 3-1610, "University Identification Card"

The University of Texas at Austin (“University”) issues photo identification cards (“ID card”) to employees, students, University affiliates, and other individuals required to validate their relationship with the University to verify identity and manage access to University services and facilities.


Individuals issued an ID card are expected to maintain possession and control of this card at all times and keep it in their possession while on University premises. Institutional representatives of the University may require presentation of an individual’s University ID card while conducting duties for the University.

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New Policy: HOP 5-3140 Compensation Administration

Attracting and retaining outstanding employees advances the mission of The University of Texas at Austin ("University"). This policy will provide guidelines for the consistent and equitable administration of the University's compensation program.

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Revisions to HOP 4-1140 University Mail Services

It is the policy of The University of Texas at Austin (University) to provide the delivery and pick-up of USPS and campus mail for all University employees.


Revisions have been made to this policy to update language as well as to add the use of commercial courtesy drop boxes.