Revisions to: HOP 3-1021 Suspected Dishonest or Fraudulent Activities

Revisions to: HOP 3-1021 Suspected Dishonest or Fraudulent Activities

This update was made to provide better awareness to the UT community and sets out expectations for ethical behavior. In addition, the updates provide clarity on reporting expectations and roles of the offices involved.

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New Policy: HOP 3-1910 Availability of Electronic Health Information & Prohibition Against Information Blocking

This update is being made to transition HOP 3-1910 from an interim policy to a permanent policy.

This Policy provides information regarding the University’s efforts to support the seamless exchange of, access to, and use of EHI, to promote interoperability of systems containing EHI, to address information blocking in accordance with the Cures Act and its implementing regulations, and to ensure that the University’s HIPAA-covered components comply with applicable law.


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