Revisions to HOP 9-1240 The Graduate School

Revisions to HOP 9-1240 The Graduate School

The University of Texas at Austin ("University") is authorized to offer graduate degrees and to have a Graduate School under The University of Texas System ("UT System") Board of Regents' Rule 40311.


The purpose of this revision is to update the student grievance procedure and official title of the dean of the Graduate School, as well as to update the format of the policy to include a policy statement, reason for policy, and scope & audience.

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10 HR Policies Retired

The recent addition of new policies HOP 5-3020 Classified Pay Plan and HOP 5-3140 Compensation Administration have rendered the below policies obsolete, and have therefore been retired. 

Retired Policy: HOP 4-1020-PM Keys to University Facilities

The adoption of new policy, HOP 4-1020 "Key Control and Accountability" has rendered this policy obsolete.

New Policy: HOP 4-1020 Key Control and Accountability

The purpose of this new policy is to define the authority and conditions under which University keys will be issued, define the responsibilities of University key holders and requesting departments, and establish protocols and responsibilities for lost/missing/stolen keys. This policy has rendered HOP 4-1020-PM "Keys to University Facilities" obsolete.