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Retired Policy: HOP 5-2010 Individual Conflicts of Interest


The adoption of revised policy, HOP 5-2011 "Conflict of Interest, Conflict of Commitment, and Outside Employment" has rendered this policy obsolete.

Retired Policy: HOP 5-2270 Outside Employment Activities of Classified Staff


The adoption of revised policy, HOP 5-2270 "Outside Employment Activities of Classified Staff" has rendered this policy obsolete.

Retired Policy: HOP 4-1260-PM Use of Thompson Conference Center and Lyndon Baines Johnson Auditorium


The adoption of new policy, HOP 4-1260 "Use of Thompson Conference Center and Lyndon Baines Johnson Auditorium" has rendered this policy obsolete.

Interim Policy: HOP 3-1910 Availability of Electronic Health Information & Prohibition Against Information Blocking


This Policy provides information regarding the University’s efforts to support the seamless exchange of, access to, and use of EHI, to promote interoperability of systems containing EHI, to address information blocking in accordance with the Cures Act and its implementing regulations, and to ensure that the University’s HIPAA-covered components comply with applicable law.

Retired Policy: HOP 9-1810 Hate and Bias Incidents


This policy is being retired pursuant to the Speech First settlement agreement.

Revisions to: HOP 7-1210 Promoting Objectivity in Research by Managing, Reducing or Eliminating Financial Conflicts of Interest


This policy provides requirements for the disclosure of financial interests that comply with the disclosure requirements of federal regulations. It also establishes the process for the management and reporting of financial conflicts of interest in research.

New Policy: HOP 9-1720 Student Participation in Selection and Monitoring of Food Service Contractors


This policy provides the roles and responsibilities to the University community for compliance with state law (Texas Education Code, Section 51.945) and The University of Texas System (UT System) Regents’ Rule 50302.

New Policy: HOP 2-2440 Endowed Academic Positions


This policy will define the purpose, establishment, oversight, and administration of endowed academic positions.

Retired Policy: HOP 2-1210-PM Rules and By-Laws of the Graduate Assembly


HOP 2-1210  is being retired as the information is better suited to be located and maintained on the Graduate School's website and not as a governing policy.

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