Welcome to the University Policy Office

Welcome to the University Policy Office

This website is your guide to university policies within the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP).

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Retired Policy: HOP 4-9994 Policies Regarding Courtesy Cars – Intercollegiate Athletics for Men and Women

This policy is specific to Intercollegiate Athletics (IA) and does not belong as a University governing policy. IA has established an internal policy, DEV -4021 Donor Car Program which provides the administrative framework for management of the Donor Car Program. Previously referred to as the “Courtesy Car Program”.

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To reduce the public spread of COVID-19, University Policy Office is currently operating remotely.

Revisions to: HOP 3-3011 Animals on Campus

The purpose of this revision is to update the obsolete language so it is in compliance with federal and state laws. This was a substantial revision and the policy was essentially re-written.

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