Dismissal Procedures in Cases of Reorganization, Reduction in Staff, or Funding Sources Not Realized

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-2410

Dismissal Procedures in Cases of Reorganization, Reduction in Staff, or Funding Sources Not Realized

The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
January 1, 1993



It is the policy of the University to develop policies which will provide flexibility for organizational staffing changes when needed. Dismissals under the following conditions are without recourse to the University's procedure for appealing disciplinary actions, but may be processed for review through the grievance policy as outlined in HOP 5-2430. This policy applies to all classified and non-teaching employees, other than Administrative Officers, regardless of the length of appointment, or the percent time appointed.


Reorganization or Reduction in Staff


Recommendation for reorganization or reduction in staff within the offices, departments, divisions, schools, and colleges of the University may be transmitted through the appropriate administrative channels for final approval by the President, or the President's delegate. Positions may be deleted as a result of duly approved reorganization or staff reduction recommendations in order to achieve maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness. Any employee holding a position so eliminated shall be permitted to work for at least sixty (60) days in advance of the proposed date of termination or until the expiration of his or her current appointment, if less than 60 days.


Funding Source Not Realized


Each appointment to a classified or other non-teaching position other than an administrative officer position is made for a period of time not to exceed one fiscal year. Subject to the availability of funds, such employees may be considered for reappointment for the succeeding fiscal year. Continuation of an appointment is not an obligation of the University in the event the funding source for the full term of appointment to that position is not realized. A person employed in a position for which funding is not realized shall be terminated as of the date current funding for that position is exhausted. Temporary funding of a position from an alternate source in anticipation of the renewal of a funding source shall not constitute a continuing obligation of employment in the event that such renewal does not materialize. The requirements of a bona fide financial exigency as outlined in this Handbook of Operating Procedures, are not applicable to the determination that a funding source has not been realized for a specific classified or non-teaching employee. Recommendations for dismissals due to funding sources not realized shall be transmitted through appropriate administrative channels for final approval by the President or the President's delegate.


Special Procedures for Dismissals Under This Policy


Advance notice, when possible, should be given to employees to be dismissed under provisions of this policy. To the extent possible, notice shall be at least sixty (60) days in advance of the proposed termination. Recommendations submitted for approval must clearly set out the positions to be deleted, why the deletions are necessary, and why the specific positions were targeted for deletion rather than those being retained. Any employee so dismissed shall be offered reemployment if his or her position is reinstated within the next twelve-month period.


Special Assistance by Human Resources ("HR")


Affected employees who express a desire to continue employment with the University may apply for other suitable vacant positions within the University. They shall be given assistance by Human Resources, which will give special notice to departments having vacant positions of the availability of subject employees. Such employees may be appointed without the necessity of a job posting as normally required for vacant positions. This special consideration will continue for a twelve-month period, or until regular University employment is secured, whichever comes first.



Previously HOP 9.48