Policy Disposition Table

The university has recently reorganized the policy index in its Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP). This disposition table correlates the previous policy number to the current policy number. Most columns permit sorting. (Note: Old policy index numbers are not searchable on this site.)
Previous HOP Numbersort descending Current HOP Number Title Name
4-1251 4-1251 Jack S. Blanton Museum of Art - Special Use Facility Facilities
4-1253 4-1253 Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center - Special Use Facility Facilities
4.03 9-2050 Teaching Assistant and Assistant Instructor Grievance Procedures Student Life - Employment
4.05 9-1210 Availability of Coursework to Students Student Life - General
4.06 3-4010 Intercollegiate Athletics Council for Men Administration - Intercollegiate Athletics
4.07 3-4020 Intercollegiate Athletics Council for Women Administration - Intercollegiate Athletics
4.09 9-1520 Student Publications Student Life - General
4.101 9-1250-PM University Sponsorship of Student Organizations; Student Organizations Representing the University in an Official Capacity Student Life - General
4.130 9-1320-PM Policy for the Implementation of the Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act Student Life - General
4.140 9-1310-PM Charter for the Office of the Student Ombuds Student Life - General
4.A.1 5-1260 Employment of Close Relatives (Nepotism) Human Resources - Recruitment and Appointment
4.A.2 3-3050 Consensual Relationships Administration - Institutional Equity
4.A.4 5-2010 Individual Conflicts of Interest Human Resources - Employment
4.B.1 3-3020 Nondiscrimination Policy Administration - Institutional Equity
4.B.3 3-3010 Disability Accommodation for Applicants and Employees Administration - Institutional Equity
4.C.1 3-1030 Protecting the Confidentiality of Social Security Numbers Administration - General
5.01 3-1130 Publication Policies and Procedures Administration - General
5.02 3-1140 Publication of Symposia Administration - General
5.08 7-1040 Sponsored Projects Research
5.11 7-1210 Promoting Objectivity in Research by Managing, Reducing or Eliminating Financial Conflicts of Interest Research
5.201 2-3020-PM International Programs Academic / Faculty - General
5.501 7-1060-PM University Patent Policy Research
5.B.1 2-2240 Modified Instructional Duties Academic / Faculty - Employment
6.01 4-1010 Facility and Room Assignments; Numbering of Rooms Facilities
6.02 4-1030 Management of University Facilities Facilities