Longevity Pay

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-3130

Longevity Pay

The University of Texas at Austin
Executive Sponsor: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
July 24, 2006



  1. Policy Statement

The University of Texas at Austin provides longevity pay to employees in accordance with state law.


  1. Scope

This policy applies to employees who are appointed full-time (40 hours per week) on the first workday of the month, are not on leave without pay on the first workday of the month, and have at least two years of state service credit accrued by the last day of the preceding month. Law enforcement staff eligible for hazardous duty pay receive longevity pay based on state service credit gained only in non-hazardous duty positions. Academic employees and temporary employees are excluded from this policy.


  1. Longevity Pay Calculation
  1. Eligible employees receive $20 in their gross monthly pay for every two years of state service credit earned as an employee of the state of Texas up to a maximum of $420 per month.



State service credit is earned for the actual days, months, and years of service with the University or other state of Texas agencies or higher education institutions, as long as employment at the other state agency or institution is not concurrent with employment at the University. Each month an employee is on active payroll counts as one (1) month of state service credit, regardless of the number of hours worked in a month.


Only the actual days worked during those partial months at the beginning and ending of employment count as state service credit. Each thirty (30) days of employment converts into one (1) month of state service credit.


  1. After completion of two years service, longevity pay commences on the first day of the next month at the specified rate and continues at that rate until completion of another two-year increment.
  1. Longevity pay is not prorated.
  1. Longevity pay shall be paid in two-year increments using the following schedule:


Months of Service Monthly Longevity Pay
0-24 $0
25-48 $20
49-72 $40
73-96 $60
97-120 $80
121-144 $100
145-168 $120
169-192 $140
193-216 $160
217-240 $180
241-264 $200
265-288 $220
289-312 $240
313-336 $260
337-360 $280
361-384 $300
385-408 $320
409-432 $340
433-456 $360
457-480 $380
481-504 $400
505+ $420


For Assistance: Questions regarding longevity pay should be directed to Human Resources, Employee Records Services Section, or to the website: http://www.utexas.edu/hr.


Source: Texas Government Code 659 Subchapters D and E


Previously: HOP 9.39 and HOP 7.B.1