Probationary Employees

Handbook of Operating Procedures 5-2230

Probationary Employees

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I. Policy Statement 

Each classified staff employee shall be a "probationary employee" for a period of 180 calendar days continuous service from the date of initial employment at The University of Texas at Austin ("University").

II. Reason for Policy 

The probationary period is a part of the selection process. Its purpose is to determine that the probationary employee's performance, ability, willingness and dependability merit continuation of University employment.

III. Scope & Audience 

This policy applies to all classified employees.

IV. Definitions (specific to this policy) 
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VI. Contacts 
VII. Responsibilities & Procedures 
  1. Any person returning to the University after any break in service will be considered a "probationary employee." Permanent employees appointed to positions of less than twelve (12) months will be placed on a leave without pay status during periods of unemployment to avoid a break in service.
  1. Termination

The University may terminate the employment of any probationary employee at any time during the probationary period if he or she is judged not to be competent or otherwise not qualified. This judgment is made by the first-line supervisor of the probationary employee with the concurrence of the department head, after considering all factors in the Successful Completion of the Probationary Period section of this policy.


  1. Transfer

After successful completion of the 180 day probationary period, an employee is not considered "probationary" upon transfer to another department or unit.


  1. Initial Procedures

The following will apply:


  1. The last day of the probationary period may be computed at the time the employee is hired. The employee should be informed by the first-line supervisor of the full period of probation and the specified ending date of the probationary period. An additional work day will be added to the probationary period for each scheduled work day not worked, and not covered by accrued sick leave.
  1. The probationary policy will be reviewed during the new employee orientation both within the hiring department and at the Office of Personnel Services and Employee Relations.
  1. Work Relationship

The following will apply:


  1. Upon employment, the first-line supervisor will provide the employee written copies of The University job description and, if available, the departmental position description. This should be accomplished during departmental orientation. Employees should be promptly advised of any subsequent changes in job duties.
  1. The probationary employee will be informed by the first-line supervisor of the basic minimum standards regarding:
  1. reporting to work in a regular and timely manner
  1. attending to assigned duties with normal effort throughout the work day except for scheduled rest periods
  1. reporting regarding sick leave or other absences
  1. conducting oneself in accordance with designated safety rules
  1. working until the designated quitting time
  1. work standards of the job with regard to both quality and quantity
  1. Evaluation

Evaluation procedures for probationary employees are outlined in the Handbook of Operating Procedures, HOP 5-2310. Performance evaluation and counseling are based on the concept that proper supervision is not punitive in nature. It seeks to aid the probationary employee in self-correction and performance improvement. It is the responsibility of the first-line supervisor to notify an employee when his or her performance is below acceptable standards. The supervisor should counsel the employee as to the actions required to improve performance to an acceptable standard. Termination of the employee should be considered only after the employee has not improved to an acceptable level following such notification and counseling.


  1. Successful Completion of the Probationary Period

The following may apply:


  1. If the probationary employee is to be retained, a letter may be prepared informing him or her of the changed status and welcoming that person as a regular employee of the University.
  1. The letter should be signed by the first-line supervisor and the department head. It should be delivered to the employee on the last working day of the probationary period.


VIII. Forms & Tools 
XI. History 

Last review date: November 1989


Previously HOP 9.45